October 01, 2009

iPhone Apps: Diss Crazy!

2A! helps PunkArts get their rap on with an all new iPhone app!

PunkArts is a company that’s creating some crazy-cool new iPhone apps. Their first release is called Diss Crazy! and is now available through Apple’s app store. Diss Crazy! is the first iPhone app that actually raps insults for you. Pick a character, pick a topic, and drop a diss bomb right through your iPhone or iPod touch!

2A! designed and illustrated the characters for this app, so be sure to show some love and go download it. Otherwise we’ll have to toss a few disses your way. ;)

Get the app here for only 99 cents!

You can also check out our previous posts on the character designs for this app by following the links below...


Peace out!

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