August 27, 2010

Fun Art Fridays: Mega Man Rocks!

I've been feeling nostalgic for simpler times lately, so I decided to draw one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite NES games... Mega Man! I spent way too many hours of my youth playing the first 3 games. =)

I've also included my WIP sketches below... Hope you like!

Illustration © Joe Costantini

August 17, 2010

College Humor - Drunken Internet Distractions

Here's another short we animated for our friends at Snark Rocket Studios.

The animation, which recently premiered on, takes a look at what happens when an ordinary college guy browses the internet while under the influence. As you can imagine, this one ain't for the kiddies! :P

2A! animated this short in Flash, with Snark Rocket producing. Check out some screen shots below, then watch the movie above.

Copyright © Connected Ventures, LLC

August 09, 2010

Beetle Busters: Freeze & Collect Game!

2A! catches beetle mania with the Beetle Busters: Freeze & Collect Flash game!

We worked with our friends at JMH Education to create this online game which helps spread awareness about the Asian Long Horned Beetle, or ALB for short. The ALB is an invasive pest that destroys trees and threatens our industries and wildlife habitats.

In the game, players use their magnifying glass to identify the ALBs and then freeze and collect them. See how many points you can earn by collecting as many ALBs as you can spot, and help stop them from spreading. Don’t forget to answer the bonus questions between levels to earn extra points!

Check out more screen shots below, then head over to and play the game! Good hunting!

Copyright © USDA

August 05, 2010

Intel Software Network Article #2

Last month I posted that I was writing some "how to" articles about Flash animation techniques for Intel Software Network. You can read my first article here. The articles range from beginner to advanced subjects and my latest, "Image Sequences or Vector Art in the Development of Flash* Games and Virtual Worlds?" just went live.

The Intel Software Network is a website that connects people with developers and Intel engineers. By joining, you can get expert advice from the developer community, join discussions, find out about software development products, and share your own specialty with your peers. It's a doorway to the broad range of programs, products, resources, and content available to the software community from Intel.

Click here to read the article online!
Download a PDF version here.

Copyright © Two Animators! LLP & Intel® Corporation