September 29, 2011

The Fine Bros Team-Up with 2A!

2A! has officially teamed up with the fabulous Fine Bros to create some killer animated shorts!

Our first collaboration, "You’re Entering Puberty Charlie Brown," has just launched on The Fine Bros YouTube channel. The short is a hilarious spoof on the classic Peanuts cartoons, and examines what happens when Charlie Brown and the gang hit puberty. It was written by The Fine Bros and animated by us!

If that weren’t cool enough, we also collaborated to create an Animated Outtakes video, which you can find on our YouTube channel, and a semi-embarrassing Behind the Scenes video, which can be viewed on The Fine Bros 2 YouTube channel.

"Trifecta attack!"

Be sure to check out all three videos and subscribe to The Fine Bros on YouTube. Because they rock!

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