June 22, 2011

College Humor: A Warning From The Future

2A! travels back to the future... or, err... the past?!

Have you ever wondered if you made the right decision when you got married? Well, College Humor asks the same question in this hilarious short about a guy named Dave who travels back in time to warn himself about his own future.

2A! animated this short in Flash, with our pals at Snark Rocket producing!

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June 21, 2011

"So You Think You Can Grow" Game

2A! gets our grove on with the So You Think You Can Grow game!

We've teamed up with Digital Backlot to create a series of fun games for Growums.com. The object of this first game is to hit your keyboard arrow keys in the right combination to water and grow your tomato plant. If your timing is off, you'll face the judges' insults. If you impress the judges you’ll move on to the next level, and grow another inch closer to the stardom you've always dreamt of!

2A! handled coding, animation and assembly of this fun Dance Dance Revolution-style game, using Digital Backlot’s awesome 3D artwork and designs.

Be sure to head over to www.growums.com to test your growing skills!

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June 08, 2011

Animation: You Rock My World!

This animation is a great way to tell that special someone how much they mean to you. Especially when you're sleeping on the couch because you forgot your anniversary again! LOL =P

Another animation from our "flirty" batch of SweetIM's. Enjoy!

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