March 26, 2013

Character Designs: Lightbulb Buddies

This week we thought we'd share some concept art we did for a project meant to help spread the word about being green. Below are some character designs and style frames, which are basically tests playing around with the various ways a screen shot of the final animation might look.

First up is a youthful take on the characters… The clean-up is relatively simple and clean, yet still quirky.

Next up is an older, aged-up take on the characters… These designs were meant to give the piece a more urban feel, so the brush strokes are loose and slightly dirty.

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March 13, 2013

100 Spidey Sketches!

100 Spidey Poses on one page! Needless to say, this image is gonna' scroll.

A brief history... Spider-Man is my favorite comic book character. So I find myself sketching him a lot. Either in the morning to loosen up or later in the day if I've hit a creative bump in the road. I take a quick break and sketch a Spidey. Why? Because it makes me happy and lets my mind rest for a moment. Anyway, once I hit the 100 mark I thought it would be cool to share them all on a single sheet. So here it is!

Click on the image below for a higher-res version. You can also check out all of the individual sketches on DeviantArt.

Spider-Man is Copyright © Marvel
Original Sketches are Copyright © Joe Costantini

March 06, 2013

Emo Dad Launches!

2A! goes “emo” in our second team-up with The Fine Brothers!

Emo Dad is a 5-part animated series that just launched on YouTube! The show follows a father, David, who has decided to embrace his son Chris's emo lifestyle. Unfortunately, David’s newfound "emo-ness" doesn't make life any easier for Chris, nor does it bode well for Chris’s popularity.

The series was created by Benny and Rafi Fine, and designed and animated by us!

Watch the first episode above, then head over to The Fine Bros. YouTube channel to let them know what you think. Also, check out our behind the scenes look at the animatic over on our 2A! YouTube channel. It includes a ridiculous video intro by Tom and JoE C! =P

New episodes will air every month until July, so be sure to check back with us to see them all!

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