July 17, 2015

MTV's Football U: 1st Season Release

2A! cheers for the first season of Football U!

MTV released the remaining 4 episodes of Football U yesterday! In this first season, created by Nick Cannon (Wild-n-Out, America's Got Talent), the team, lead by Coach Penny Pebow, tackles all the tough issues of our time... racism, pregnancy, sex scandals, mascot theft and Prince pants! Luckily for everyone, the team rarely agrees with their coach's advise.

You can watch all 5 episodes now at MTV.com and on MTV's YouTube channel.

2A! had a blast animating the series for MTV (other).

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May 12, 2015

Music Video - Last Tuesday Night (Evil Parody)

2A! dances with a dread knight in the most epically evil party ever!

"Last Tuesday Night" is an animated parody of Katy Perry's hit song "Last Friday Night." It stars the vile villain Lord Ulgrim, a former dread knight who enjoys torturing his enemies by serenading them with tales of their imminent demise. 

2A! animated this music video in Flash, as well as designing the backgrounds and tragic heroes. You can find it on YouTube and on www.lordulgrim.com, where it is being used to help promote the "Memoirs of a Former Dread Knight" series of books, written by non other than Lord Ulgrim himself.

Copyright © Lord Ulgrim

May 05, 2015

The Poochinos: Lost Episode WIP!

One of 2A!'s most popular pieces is The Poochinos animated short. We're constantly getting requests and inquiries about more episodes. While the client sadly had to put the project on hold for economic reasons, we do have some never before seen Poochinos work that we hope can satisfy fans!

First up is the above video. Very much a "work in progress," the video is made up of a little bit animatic and a little bit rough animation. It would have been the opening segment of episode two, starring Tony, Vinny and Dom.

Next, we have the final background paints for the "under the bridge" establishing shot (below). The rough layout was done by Jimmy Nock, with final paints by Greg Kleid.

Below are Greg’s awesome renderings of both Vinny and Dom’s cars. I especially love the blood splatter on Vinny’s back window… just great!

Finally, here are two more rough pencil layouts by Jimmy Nock.

Hopefully we’ll get to revisit this episode at some point in the future. I can’t guarantee it will happen, but if it does the final product will be tight!

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January 26, 2015

MTV & Nick Cannon's - Football U!

2A! scores a touchdown with MTV's Football U!

Football U is an animated series created by Nick Cannon (Wild-n-Out, America's Got Talent) that takes a satirical look at the crazy world of college football. In this first episode, Coach Penny Pebow has a slip of the tongue during a press conference that turns into an all-out fiasco.

Two Animators! LLP is animating 5 episodes of this online series, which is being produced by MTV's David Harris with character designs by Scabfarm. 

Episodes will air online at MTV (other) and on MTV's YouTube channel. 

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