December 13, 2012

My Gimpy Life: Holiday Short!

2A! goes Peanuts for My Gimpy Life!

My Gimpy Life is a hilarious online series about, “the awkward adventures of a driven actress trying to navigate her way through Hollywood in a wheelchair.” It was created by and stars Teal Sherer, an actress best known to us internet nerds as “Venom” from Felicia Day’s web series, The Guild. Anyway, we really dig My Gimpy Life, so when Teal asked us to help her create a Peanuts-inspired holiday greeting for it, we said yes.

2A! had a great time working with Teal and her team on this short, which we designed and animated in Flash.

Be sure to check out My Gimpy Life on YouTube. It’s really funny!

Happy holidays… or whatever! =)

Copyright © Rolling Person Productions

October 24, 2012

"Let Me Be Your Camera" - Understanding AD/HD

2A! helps raise awareness about AD/HD with a new video titled, "Let Me Be Your Camera." 

AD/HD, or Attention – Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder, is a serious condition that affects millions of children and adults all over the world.  Mike and Lori Perkins are the parents of one such child and, both being educators, decided to help by co-authoring a book on the subject.  They then asked us to help promote the book with a fun, educational animation. The goal is to help create a better understanding of AD/HD so those dealing with it can become more successful at home, at school, and at work.

2A! designed and animated the short in Flash.  It was written by Mike and Lori Perkins and is based on lessons found in their book, "Empowering Teens & Pre-teens with AD/HD to Succeed Not Just Survive."

Copyright © Mike and Lori Perkins

October 17, 2012

Development: Southside Shaolin!

2A! practices the ancient art of the
Southside Shaolin!

Our friends at Wandering Eye Pictures asked us to help them develop a look for one of their properties, called Southside Shaolin.  We created the artwork, including character and background designs, as well as designing a pitch package for the property.  The image above is the cover to that package. The image below is a line-up of some of the characters.

We went through a slew of concept sketches, primarily of the main character Lulu, before we settled on the final designs. We'll share some of those in a future post...

Copyright © Wandering Eye Pictures

September 13, 2012

Big F*ckin’ Chicken! (PG-13)

2A! serves up deep-fried adult humor with a side of massive, mutant chicken mayhem!

Big F*ckin’ Chicken (BFC) might be the world’s first fried chicken superhero. In the tradition of Voltron, five pieces of fried chicken transform into a single, giant chicken that protects humans from the evil “Friendly Farms Corporation” and their genetically modified foods. BFC’s motto… “We do human rights!”

2A! animated this Flash short for BFC creators Dan and Vivian Lee. It was recently accepted into the 2012 Hollywood Film Festival!

Click here to check out the official BFC Facebook page.

Copyright © Dan Lee & Vivian Lee

July 25, 2012

Concept Designs: Whac-A-Mold Game!

Here are some concepts we created for a proposed game called, “Whac-A-Mold!”

As you can guess from the title, it was intended to be a Whac-A-Mole-type game, but instead of whacking moles you’d be whacking mold. Boom! The point of the game was to educate players about the different types of molds that could grow in their homes, and how to treat the problem. The final game never came to fruition, but we thought these designs were too fun not to share. And who knows… maybe one day we’ll get to actually whack these little guys!

Copyright © Two Animators! LLP
3D Background by & Copyright © Joel Payne

July 09, 2012

Rockstar Games: Max Payne 3!

2A! rocks some “Captain Baseball Bat Boy” for the Max Payne 3 game!

Rockstar Games has released Max Payne 3, their newest installment of the gritty third-person shooter series, which features all new “Captain Baseball Bat Boy” in-game Easter eggs that we had the pleasure of animating.

Be sure to check out the game and and keep an eye out for our animations!
(Available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC)

Copyright © Rockstar Games

June 15, 2012

Art All Night Film Festival

2A! is proud to announce that our Wonkidos short, “Getting Dressed,” has been accepted into the first annual Art All Night Film Festival!

Art All Night is a 24-hour art and entertainment event held in Trenton, NJ, at the historic Roebling Wire Works. It’s a great opportunity for local artists to display one piece of art for the public to view in a gallery setting. This year’s festival starts on Saturday June 16th at 3pm and ends the next day, Sunday June 17th at 3pm (yep, it’s literally “all night”).

Our Wonkidos short is scheduled to play on Saturday at 3:15pm!

Be sure to check out more Wonkidos episodes at:

Copyright © Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds, Inc.

June 11, 2012

Fine Brothers: MyMusic Episode #8

2A! joins the cast of MyMusic on YouTube!

Well, not literally… but we did create 24-seconds of animation for this week’s episode! The fabulous Fine Brothers (Benny and Rafi) asked us to lend our talents to the eighth episode of their premium YouTube channel series, MyMusic. In it, we help illustrate the character Metal ‘s flashback of how he conceived his daughter Rayna at Ozzfest in ’96. Our segment starts at around the 7:28 mark.

2A! designed and animated the flashback sequence for Fine Brothers Productions. Also, make sure to check out the rest of the series on YouTube. It's funny stuff!

Tell them Two Animators! sent you. =)

© MyMusic 2012, © Fine Brothers Productions 2012

April 26, 2012

Jumba Rumba!

2A! does the Rumba with KevJumba!

Kevin Wu, owner of the highly popular YouTube channel KevJumba, lends his voice to this funny short. In it, KevJumba is a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, and due to an unfortunate accident, ends up being partnered with his crazy dad!

2A! animated this short in Flash for our friends at ADA Sport.

Copyright © ADA Sport

April 06, 2012

The Wonkidos: Mom's Best Award Winner!

The Wonkidos is now a Mom’s Best Award winner!

Mom’s Best Award (MBA) provides moms with an objective way of determining the “best” products available on the market for their children. Products meeting a certain criteria established by MBA are evaluated by real moms and childcare experts, and can go on to earn the "Mom's Best Award."

Watch the Wonkidos' first episode below, then read some of the reviews from the Mom’s Best Award website.

"These videos aren’t too long, so they held my son’s attention the entire time. He’s just starting to use the potty, so he found the potty training one especially interesting."

"I like how the videos are engaging. The characters speak directly to the child who is watching them, and kids really like that. And each video highlights only one important skill so kids aren’t overwhelmed."

"My younger children enjoyed watching these videos. I think the one about making friends will help my daughter. She is pretty shy, so it’s great that in the video she learned about making eye contact and smiling."

2A! developed the Wonkidos cartoon series for Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds.

Copyright © Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds, Inc.

March 23, 2012

Character Designs: Rita's Ice!

It’s that time of year again... Time to be cool and eat some Rita’s!

We were recently asked to help with the visual development of a group of quirky characters for a new Rita’s Ice commercial. The live-action TV spot, conceived and created by EFK Group, aired nationally to promote Rita’s season opening and FREE Italian Ice giveaway. =P

2A! designed the above characters, which were used as a guide to create the actual costumes the actors wear in the ad!

Watch the ad below:

Copyright © Two Animators! LLP

January 26, 2012

Wonkidos: Animated Social Skills for Kids

2A! is proud to invite you into the wondrous world of the Wonkidos!

Evan is a young boy who loves playing with his favorite toys, the Wonkidos! Wobbles, Stacks, Apps and Sparkles spring to life in Evan’s imagination, and together with Mr. Know-It-All App, help Evan learn valuable social skills in a fun and entertaining way!

Tricia Estrada, founder and president of Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds (BFBM), thought up the idea of an animated series that would help her son, who was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, learn the social and life skills he would need to succeed. She realized the importance of using visual tools like illustrated stories and organizers to help children understand different concepts and motivate their behavior. She also realized that through the use of mobile technology, she could allow anyone to access these tools at anytime, anywhere. Where parents might have difficulty getting through to their children, the animated characters could easily grab their attention and help turn an otherwise frustrating moment into a teachable one.

Read more of Tricia’s story.

2A! is extremely proud to have helped design and develop this series for BFBM. Together, we produced 6 short-form episodes which are available at

Every episode was carefully written by 2A! and BFBM, and has been reviewed with input coming from developmentalists, researchers, doctors, and most importantly, parents. You can download and watch each video when you sign up at

We hope you enjoy this first video and welcome you to check out the rest!

Copyright © Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds, Inc.

January 05, 2012

Rick Parody: Weak!

2A! spoofs Rick Perry: Strong ad with Rick Parody: Weak animation!

This animated short is a spoof of the notorious "Strong" video put out by GOP Presidential candidate Rick Perry on December 6, 2011.

Our version is titled "Weak" and stars "Rick Parody," a humorous animated character who, through various acts of cartoon violence, reveals the hypocrisies contained in the original ad.

2A! directed and animated this short in Flash!

Check out the screen shots below, then head over to YouTube and give us a "like" if you're so inclined. ;)

Copyright © Two Animators! LLP