October 24, 2012

"Let Me Be Your Camera" - Understanding AD/HD

2A! helps raise awareness about AD/HD with a new video titled, "Let Me Be Your Camera." 

AD/HD, or Attention – Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder, is a serious condition that affects millions of children and adults all over the world.  Mike and Lori Perkins are the parents of one such child and, both being educators, decided to help by co-authoring a book on the subject.  They then asked us to help promote the book with a fun, educational animation. The goal is to help create a better understanding of AD/HD so those dealing with it can become more successful at home, at school, and at work.

2A! designed and animated the short in Flash.  It was written by Mike and Lori Perkins and is based on lessons found in their book, "Empowering Teens & Pre-teens with AD/HD to Succeed Not Just Survive."

Copyright © Mike and Lori Perkins

October 17, 2012

Development: Southside Shaolin!

2A! practices the ancient art of the
Southside Shaolin!

Our friends at Wandering Eye Pictures asked us to help them develop a look for one of their properties, called Southside Shaolin.  We created the artwork, including character and background designs, as well as designing a pitch package for the property.  The image above is the cover to that package. The image below is a line-up of some of the characters.

We went through a slew of concept sketches, primarily of the main character Lulu, before we settled on the final designs. We'll share some of those in a future post...

Copyright © Wandering Eye Pictures