September 30, 2009

Background Design: Bonzai & Ned

When 2A! was working on the Bonzai & Ned's Anthill Adventure game for Sifaka World, we had very specific layout to follow. The client wanted the game to be reminiscent of the classic Pac Man arcade game, where each level was a fixed background with interior paths that changed with the difficulty of each new level.

Here is my original sketch of the background with a nice picnic clearing and an anthill in the center. Jungle plants border and contain the playing area, with exits on each side that connect to one another. Part of the trick was keeping everything proportionate to the main characters of Bonzai and Ned, while allowing enough room for movement and interchangeable walls for the levels.

Above is the proposed color mockup for the background. We chose lush, bright colors very similar to the Jungle Floor background we did. We felt that cherry color scheme worked well with this game.

Here's the final background. When we delivered it we omitted the walls that are shown here so the programmers could use them as separate assets and create the various levels. I really am happy how this turned out as it feels very spacious and allows for lots of customization for harder levels.

Why not head over to and give it a try? Let me know what you think. ;)

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