July 27, 2011

Cartoon Fails: April O'Neil

2A! brakes for Cartoon Fails!

Every Thursday this summer, Break.com will be releasing a new episode of Cartoon Fails! These short animations poke fun at pop-culture and the cartoons we all grew up watching. The first episode we worked on features the many news bloopers of April O'Neil, from the 80's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.

Warning!! April has a potty mouth in this one. =P

2A! animated this short in Flash, with our pals at Snark Rocket producing!

Copyright © Break.com

July 11, 2011

Animated Demo: Sifaka World!

We often get asked about our work on Sifaka World, so we thought it would be cool to post a demo video we created back when the virtual world (MMO) was still being developed. This video shows just a few of the cool world areas, games, and characters 2A! designed and animated for Sifaka World!

You can also view more of our Sifaka World artwork on our blog and website.


Copyright © Sifaka Productions, Inc.

July 07, 2011

"Weedy's Revenge" Game

2A! shows off our weed wacking skills with the Weedy's Revenge game!

This is our second team up with Digital Backlot for Growums.com. "Weedy the Weed" is on the loose and wreaking havoc in town! It's your job to help "Duke the Cuke" stop him by spraying him with your weed repellent!

2A! handled coding, animation and assembly of this rootin' tootin' Wild West Shooter-style game, using Digital Backlot’s awesome 3D artwork.

Be sure to head over to www.growums.com to test your weed shootin' skills!

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