April 30, 2009

Commercial Spots: Smart Carpet!

2A! lays the groundwork for Smart Carpet television spots!

Smart Carpet is best known for bringing their merchandise directly to customers using a fleet of white vans called, “mobile showrooms.”

2A! designed and animated the Smart Carpet mascot for this series of popular television ads, which began airing back in 2006. The commercial spots include live-action footage of Smart Carpet’s real-life spokeswoman interacting with our animation of "Smarty the Smart Carpet mobile showroom.”

Visit our YouTube channel to watch the spots! Smarty can also be seen in local print ads throughout NJ, NY and PA.

Copyright © Smart Carpet

April 29, 2009

Meat Loaf Music Video: The Monster Is Loose!

2A! visits the depths of hell to let the monster loose for Meat Loaf!

Well, not literally…but we did rule the underworld with our animated concert video for Meat Loaf's hit song, "The Monster Is Loose." The 7-minute Flash animation was co-directed by Tom & Joe Costantini and Bob Cesca, and played on stage during the artist's live performances of the song for his 2007 Bat Out of Hell 3 tour.

2A! was asked to develop the full 7-minute animation using only the original 30-second trailer for Meat Loaf's Bat out of Hell 3 album as reference. We had a wickedly good time expanding the story concept and designs, and creating the final animation!

You can check out our Funk Reel to see select clips from the video!

Copyright © Meat Loaf

April 28, 2009

Virtual World Design: Mattel's Pixel Chix!

2A! gets pixilated with Mattel's Pixel Chix “Groovin Roomies” virtual world!

Buy clothes, play games, and chat with friends in this sweet MMO featuring Mattel’s global toy brand for tween girls. Users can choose from one of six popularly pixilated characters (Smarty, Sporty, DJ Hip Hop, Punk Rocker, Diva Queen or Pixel Chix) to play as they explore this hip, isometric world.

2A! created all the front-end visuals and animation for the “Groovin Roomies” virtual world, including the activities and the “Dance Dance Revolution” game.

"I just wanted to drop a note and let you know that we LOVE the work you’ve produced for the Pixel Chix DDR game! The animations are fantastic and you did an amazing job nailing the look & feel. We typically have a lot of back and forth with our vendors just assessing the style of the artwork, let alone the content, and you have no idea how refreshing it is to have a vendor that we can hand over a project of this scale to and see everything on brand, and brought to life!!

Thanks for doing such an amazing job!"

Jennifer Megara
Supervisor, Creative Development
Mattel Brands Online
Get pixilated here: http://pixelchix.everythinggirl.com/us/home/

Copyright © Mattel

April 27, 2009

Character Designs: The Poochinos

We’ve been surfing through our archives looking for some production art to post and came across these cool Dog Mafia pieces. Above is a promotional shot of the four main characters (Bully, Tony, Vinny and Dominick) and below are updated model sheets that were used to animate this short.

Hope you like ‘em!

Copyright © Dog Mafia, Inc.

April 24, 2009

Yes Music Video: The Gates of Delirium!

2A! storms "The Gates of Delirium” for the rock group Yes!

That’s right… we rocked the battlefield with our animated music video for Yes’ hit song, “The Gates of Delirium.” The 3-minute Flash animation was used as a segment of the full video -- which is over 20 minutes long and includes footage of the band playing live -- and was included in the 2004 release of Yes’ Symphonic Live DVD.

2A! had a blast developing the concept from designs to storyboards and through to the final animation. Not only was this our first music video animation, but it was also our first team-up with Camp Chaos, who subsequently asked us to work on numerous other projects with them including their hit television series VH1's ILL-ustrated and Meat Loaf's "The Monster Is Loose" concert video!

You can check out our Rock Reel to see select clips from the video!

Copyright © Yes

April 23, 2009

Nick Arcade Game: SpongeBob Atlantis SquareOff!

2A! makes a splash on Bikini Bottom by providing Flash character art for Nickelodeon's SpongeBob Atlantis SquareOff game!

Released in 2008 as a downloadable Nick Arcade game, SpongeBob Atlantis SquareOff is a card collecting, action-adventure extravaganza. Guide SpongeBob through his underwater world, collecting power-up cards to help you do battle with an army of jellyfish, ghost pirates, and other super-soggy bad guys in an effort to save Bikini Bottom from one of Plankton’s evil schemes.

2A! brought the side-view battle scenes to life with our clean-up animation and ink & paint services for SpongeBob's cast of characters. As huge fans of this hilarious TV show ourselves, we were psyched when Pop asked us to lend our talents to this awesome game!

Check out some of the character art below. Then get your square bottom over to the Nick Arcade to play the game!

Copyright © Nickelodeon

April 22, 2009

Celebrity Spoof: The Poochinos!

2A! joins the mob!

A new breed of family mark their territory as Bully Poochino and his crew of mafia mutts take out the most notorious crime family ever…

2A! produced this original short -- from script to final animation -- back in 2007 for Dog Mafia, Inc. The 3-minute Flash animation is based on an idea from creator James M. Schwinn Sr. and pokes fun at the ending of one of cable televisions most popular and controversial shows.

This is the second short we created for Dog Mafia, the first of which went on to become a finalist in the NY Flash Forward Film Festival back in 2004.

Copyright © Dog Mafia, Inc.

April 21, 2009

Celebrity Spoof: OJ Simpson Doll!

2A! teaches a lesson in morality the OJ Simpson way!

When normally well-behaved children are given their very own My Celebrity dolls -- toys that look and act like today’s “worst” celebrity role models -- they start acting out in the same bad ways!

2A! presents this original toon as the pilot episode of our creator-owned series, My Celebrity. The series spoofs the classic My Buddy line of toys while poking fun at those celebrities that we all love to hate. This premiere episode matches young Timmy with his brand new OJ Simpson doll... ridonkulous!

Be sure to put the kids to bed before watching this bad boy. :P

Copyright © Two Animators! LLP

April 20, 2009

Barbie.com Game: Snip ‘n Style Salon!

2A! shows off our stylish side with Barbie.com’s new Snip n’ Style Salon game!

Grab your virtual scissors and become a star stylist in this new game where you get to cut and style Barbie’s hair. Play against the computer, where you need to match a given hairstyle before the time runs out, or by yourself, where you let your creative side flow by pulling together your own looks at your own pace. Whichever option you choose, you’ll want to keep coming back for the endless styling possibilities. Plus when you’re done, you can print your new looks and send them to your friends.

2A! worked closely with Mattel to design and animate the front-end visuals. Word from Mattel is it’s quickly become the #1 game on Barbie.com!

Copyright © Mattel

April 17, 2009

Playboy Animated Series: Sneak Peek!

2A! finally gets invited to the Playboy Mansion!

Well, maybe not… but we did recently animate 10 episodes of Through Space and Time with Schwimmer & Jones for Playboy.

That’s right, 2A! teamed up with Camp Chaos again to create this Flash series, which revolves around two bumbling idiots and their ridiculous adventures through space -- fighting intergalactic armies, encountering scantily-clad female aliens, and somehow saving the human race. Sure sounds like fun to us! The show is based on the popular comic strips by the same name and was originally published in Playboy Magazine.

Who knows… maybe we’ll still get our invite one day. An animator can dream can't he?

Copyright © Playboy

April 16, 2009

Colgate Educational Video: Sneak Peek!

2A! visits the dentist!

Check out these screen shots from a project we just wrapped production on titled, How To Have A Bright Smile. The 5-minute Flash animation is an educational video for Colgate and will be used to teach children how to properly brush their teeth.

We had a blast developing the concept, writing the script, and bringing the story to life in this cute and informative animation. And yes, we’ll admit it… we may have learned a little something too. ;)

Copyright © Colgate - Palmolive Company

April 15, 2009

Commercial Spot: 1800pools.com

2A! dives into summer fun with an animated spot for 1800pools.com!

1800pools.com is an online store that offers a huge selection of pool supplies and other leisure related products at great discounts, to ensure you have the best summer season and beyond. And what better way to promote their new site than with a fun cartoon starring two whacky frogs?

2A! created this 45-second Flash animation as the first in a series of cartoon spots following the misadventures of "Crazy Legs" and his partner "Bully," as they encounter various pool related products to wreak their comedic havoc on. In addition to animating this commercial, we also designed both of the frog mascots and the front-end of the 1800pools.com website.

Copyright © 1 800 Pools, LLC.

April 14, 2009

Virtual World Design: SifakaWorld.com

2A! rocks your virtual world experience with the launch of SifakaWorld.com, a brand new MMO dedicated to helping kids help wildlife!

Sifaka World is an animal-themed entertainment website that will have a direct and significant impact on wildlife preservation by donating a portion of every membership to animal conservation. Their first partnership, with the Cheetah Conservation Fund, is already allowing kids to make a difference by helping protect the wild cheetah and its wilderness habitat.

2A! is proud to be working closely with Sifaka Productions, the site owners and operators, to create all of the front-end visuals for Sifaka World. Users can choose from a variety of cool animal avatars to customize as they explore rich world areas, play fun games and activities, and interact with other users in a safe, child-friendly environment… all while helping real-life animals! Now what could be better than that?
"The entire staff at Two Animators! are a joy to work with. They are skilled collaborators who move gracefully between executing a project exactly to detailed specifications, or when requested, can readily integrate their creative ideas with the ideas of your in-house product development staff.

They are more than a talented vendor. They quickly become integral members of your core team who insure your company’s success."

Deborah Moore
Sifaka Productions, LLC
Don't forget to play Sifaka World here: www.sifakaworld.com

Do it for the animals! ;)

Copyright © Sifaka Productions, LLC.

April 10, 2009

VH1's ILL-ustrated Television Series!

2A! made its television series debut with our work on VH1's ILL-ustrated!

The series, which was the brainchild of creator Bob Cesca, was a variety show which spoofed all things entertainment. From movie stars, musicians and other pop culture icons to politicians and long-dead historical figures, no one was safe from the twisted wit of this hilarious sketch comedy.

2A! was proud to team up with Camp Chaos for both seasons of this Flash show, which originally aired on VH1 in 2003 and 2004, and then later on MTV2. We had a blast animating such classic skits as: Yogi Bush, He-Man's Queer Eye Makeover, Spider-Eminem, Michael Jackson's Indestructible, Violence The Movie, Shpank The Ugliest Monkey, Nascar Anime, SpongeBong HempPants, and many more!

"Two Animators! produced some of the most brilliant shorts from ILL-ustrated, including the character animation on the infamous SpongeBong sketches. Whenever we had an especially tricky or complex short to animate for the show, we always looked to them to make it great."

Bob Cesca
Creator / Executive Producer 
VH1's ILL-ustrated
Below are some more screen shots from episodes we animated. You can also check out our YouTube channel to watch select sketches from the show.

Copyright © MTV Networks

April 09, 2009

2A! Launches A Blog

Drum roll please... 2A! has a brand new blog to keep you up-to-date about the latest projects we’ve got going on!

With over 8 years in the business as an animation studio, we have a ton of stuff to talk about, including both current and past projects. We’ll share videos, behind-the-scenes production art, sketchbook work, original creator-owned properties and more. The 2A! blog will keep you posted on all our projects, big and small, so sign up to learn about them all (wow, we just rhymed ;). Plus, we love to hear from visitors to our site and hope to read your comments too. And since we’re an animation studio, you can bet there’ll be more pictures than words at times… but isn’t that why you’re here?

Now, let’s get on with the posts!

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