September 15, 2009

Character Designs: Sifaka World's Albatross!

It’s time for some more character designs. Today I present… the Sifaka World Albatross!

I just love the way this character turned out. He acts as the pilot who transports Sifaka World players from one continent to another. Just hop on his back and it’s a quick flight from Sifaka Island to North America, Africa or Australia.

But as you can see from the image below, his design was originally going in a completely different direction. We got all the way through ink and paints -- and even animated a bit of this guy – before it was decided that his look might be too reminiscent of Orville, the character from Disney’s The Rescuers movie, which I think was a good call.

Below are just some extra goodies, including Sarah’s original sketch -- which was the basis for the first design -- as well as an alternate outfit test the client requested where we put him into a more modern pilot’s uniform.

Be sure to head over to to see this guy in action. You can also check out more Sifka World designs by following the links below. Enjoy!

Sifaka World Mascot
Sifaka World Mascot Part II
Ring Tailed Lemur

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