September 17, 2009

Background Designs: Poochinos' City Street

Here’s a look at one of the backgrounds we designed for what we’re now calling The Lost Poochinos Episode! I stumbled across it the other day while searching through the 2A! archives and thought it would be cool to post. It’s one of my favorite backgrounds from the Dog Mafia productions.

First off, we have the rough layout for the “city street” establishing shot. You can see the Barkland Bridge in the distance, where the lost episode starts off. This rough was drawn by Joe during the animatic stage..

Next up, is the tight pencil clean-up done by our good pal Jimmy Nock. I’m pretty sure he knocked this out in Sketchbook Pro (pun intended). Great stuff!

Finally, here’s the Photoshop painting by our other good pal Greg Kleid. He was really able to capture the dark and gritty look that I was hoping for with this shot.

Also, be sure to check out The Poochinos animated short we created, as well as some more behind the scenes production art. Enjoy!

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