September 16, 2009

Character Designs: Sinful Snacks & Plaque Monsters

While watching Colgate’s How To Have A Bright Smile video (which was released last week), I realized that I blogged about the main character designs, but totally forgot to mention the villains of the piece… the sinful Snacks and evil Plaque Monsters!

Since plaque is such a vague thing, I played around with the idea of making them look like little amorphous blobs. To make them more identifiable, I gave them large, creepy eyes and a mouth full of rotten teeth. The soft, gel-like consistency of their body allowed them to form around teeth and gums, and even grow arms when necessary. We then decided on a putrid green color to make them look even more disgusting, and finally applied textures and shadows to make them look like cut paper.

The snacks were a little more challenging, since I had to find out a way to keep the style of the Plaque Monsters and apply them to identifiable food. Choosing the types of food was easy, as everyone knows what their favorite childhood treats like cookies and candies are. From there, I gave them the same sort of eyes as the Plaque Monsters, and completed the design with the addition of whimsical 1930's cartoon styled arms and legs.

You can see the Plaque Monsters and Snacks frolicking in the final scenes below.

I think we did a nice job making the dangers of poor hygiene more apparent with these designs. We created characters that were gross but not terrifying, and that work as a great visual motivator for kids to remember to brush their teeth. :D

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