September 01, 2009

Character Design: Ring-Tailed Lemur

Here's the Ring-Tailed Lemur, another cool character 2A! designed for Sifaka World! We were working on this guy at around the same time as Kintana the Sifaka, so as you can see by my mock-up below, he started with more full-sized body proportions.

Once the decision was made to go short with all the characters this little dude really came together. I'm much happier with how he looks here!

In the end, the client wanted to go with a pose that showed a bit more attitude, so I crossed his arms and closed his mouth for the final ink & paint. I really dig how this little dude turned out. I'd say he's my second favorite Sifaka World character so far. ;)

Don't forget to head over to to see this guy in action!

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