June 17, 2009

Character Designs: 1800pools.com Mascot

When 2A! was approached by 1800pools.com to design their website and produce an animated commercial for them, we first had to create a character to represent them. They had an idea of a fun and silly frog named "Crazy Legs" that would act as the mascot of the company and star in the commercial spots.

Starting the design process, we were told that the only characteristics that the client specifically wanted were long legs to enhance the silliness of the frog's nature. Of course, this could have been anything stylistically, so I really tried to explore different looks when I did the first round of sketches.

As you can see in the final design below, out of the many options the client picked something a bit more realistic, yet the design still carries that playful nature they wanted from the beginning. Roughs be me, final ink & paints by Mark Pingitore.

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