June 10, 2009

Background Design: Sifaka World Jungle Floor

Continuing with 2A!'s work on Sifaka World, the second background we had to tackle was the forest floor that players could access from the tree tops.

This background was fun to do as it needed to have several elements. We have to consider that there needed to be pathways to a game, the beach and the tree elevator to the tree tops, as well as a sitting/picnic area for the players to socialize. Since this was going to be a deep, dark jungle floor we needed to find a way to keep that vibe without making it scary and creepy (which jungles often are!).

I took inspiration from the Redwood Forests of northern California for the solution. The Redwood parks often have glen areas, and I knew that sort of set up would work well here. Adding some sun spots, a few benches and a babbling brook really brought the whole area together.

From there color choices were carefully made to balance the rich blue tones of a wet jungle and the brightness needed for the picnic space. We tweaked it quite a few times, playing around with different tones until we finally felt we got the right "feel" as in the final below.

Voila! A jungle playground for Sifaka players was born. Now get yourself over to www.sifakaworld.com and check out all of our artwork in action.

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