April 15, 2009

Commercial Spot: 1800pools.com

2A! dives into summer fun with an animated spot for 1800pools.com!

1800pools.com is an online store that offers a huge selection of pool supplies and other leisure related products at great discounts, to ensure you have the best summer season and beyond. And what better way to promote their new site than with a fun cartoon starring two whacky frogs?

2A! created this 45-second Flash animation as the first in a series of cartoon spots following the misadventures of "Crazy Legs" and his partner "Bully," as they encounter various pool related products to wreak their comedic havoc on. In addition to animating this commercial, we also designed both of the frog mascots and the front-end of the 1800pools.com website.

Copyright © 1 800 Pools, LLC.

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