June 15, 2009

Sifaka World Game: Bonzai & Ned!

2A! saves Sifaka World from being overrun by hungry ants in Bonzai & Ned's Anthill Adventure game!

Bonzai (a coati) and Ned (a baby giant anteater) are best buddies who love having picnics in the rainforest. Unfortunately, the rainforest can be a bad place to sit down for a meal, and their picnic is soon invaded by hungry ants. You guide Bonzai through each level while helping Ned suck up all of these irritating insects before they devour your lunch. Be sure to avoid the red ants though... they bite!

2A! designed and created all of the front-end visuals for Bonzai & Ned's Anthill Adventure, as well as animating all of the characters and providing the music for this tasty treat of a game.

Be sure to head over to www.sifakaworld.com to play the game!

Copyright © Sifaka Productions, LLC

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