January 06, 2010

Clothing Designs: KidzChores Avatars

When 2A! worked on Kidzchores.com, we had to design a wardrobe for each of the avatars. Each one needed ten different looks, including various outfits and facial features. The process is similar to the winter clothing designs we created for Sifaka World, where we had to make sure the clothes fit the characters in all their different angles.

I started with designing the clothes for the little girl avatar. The client wanted to use clothing from around the world, so I began researching native costume in many different countries. The ones I liked best came from Spain, Japan, Germany, and India. For the rest of the avatar outfits I created more "every day" attire that most kids would identify with. Things like overalls, pajamas, dresses, t-shirts, and shorts.

I really liked how these designs turned out. They have a very fun, child-like feel to them that works no matter how you match them up on your avatar. You can give it a try and dress your own avatar at KidzChores.com!

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