May 26, 2009 Game: El Tigre - Decision of Destiny!

2A! discovers our destiny… to provide Flash character animation for’s El Tigre - Decision of Destiny game!

Take El Tigre’s fate into your own hands with this fun, multi-level fighting game released back in 2008. The object of the game is to help El Tigre clear each level of enemies like Skeletons, Mustache Mobsters, and Guacamole Monsters, while collecting all the power-ups you can find before time runs out. Defeat the bad guys by slashing them with your claws or throwing an explosive burrito at them.

2A! created all of the Flash character animations of El Tigre and his quirky villains for Pop. Check out some of the Flash loops by clicking on the images below, then get yourself over to to discover your own destiny by playing the game!

Copyright © Nickelodeon

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