May 01, 2009

Mezco Toyz' TikiMon Island Website!

2A! goes native with Mezco Toyz’ TikiMon Island website!

Light your torches and get ready to experience the island fun with this website promoting Mezco Toyz’ original line of TikiMon toys. Launched back in 2004, the site is chock-full of games, Easter eggs, and the web-premier "TikiToon" titled, "Cuckoo for Coconuts."

2A! designed the world and characters for animation, as well as providing all of the Flash animation for the website, games, and web-premier cartoon. We had a great time teaming up with Second Thought to create this cool, online experience.

Visit the island at We promise you won’t get voted off!

Copyright © Mezco Toyz, LLC.

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