April 17, 2009

Playboy Animated Series: Sneak Peek!

2A! finally gets invited to the Playboy Mansion!

Well, maybe not… but we did recently animate 10 episodes of Through Space and Time with Schwimmer & Jones for Playboy.

That’s right, 2A! teamed up with Camp Chaos again to create this Flash series, which revolves around two bumbling idiots and their ridiculous adventures through space -- fighting intergalactic armies, encountering scantily-clad female aliens, and somehow saving the human race. Sure sounds like fun to us! The show is based on the popular comic strips by the same name and was originally published in Playboy Magazine.

Who knows… maybe we’ll still get our invite one day. An animator can dream can't he?

Copyright © Playboy


brian_smaller said...

Oh No, A Seruvian hair and Slime Being!

I would love to see your finished product. I loved theose Schwimmer and Jones strips. I used to have them all but they got lost in a move about twenty years ago.

New Zealand

Tom C said...

Hey Brian,

We animated 10 shorts in total!

I think Playboy made some last minute writing changes and edited things, but the final shorts can be viewed at Playboy.com

Thanks for checking us out!