April 14, 2009

Virtual World Design: SifakaWorld.com

2A! rocks your virtual world experience with the launch of SifakaWorld.com, a brand new MMO dedicated to helping kids help wildlife!

Sifaka World is an animal-themed entertainment website that will have a direct and significant impact on wildlife preservation by donating a portion of every membership to animal conservation. Their first partnership, with the Cheetah Conservation Fund, is already allowing kids to make a difference by helping protect the wild cheetah and its wilderness habitat.

2A! is proud to be working closely with Sifaka Productions, the site owners and operators, to create all of the front-end visuals for Sifaka World. Users can choose from a variety of cool animal avatars to customize as they explore rich world areas, play fun games and activities, and interact with other users in a safe, child-friendly environment… all while helping real-life animals! Now what could be better than that?
"The entire staff at Two Animators! are a joy to work with. They are skilled collaborators who move gracefully between executing a project exactly to detailed specifications, or when requested, can readily integrate their creative ideas with the ideas of your in-house product development staff.

They are more than a talented vendor. They quickly become integral members of your core team who insure your company’s success."

Deborah Moore
Sifaka Productions, LLC
Don't forget to play Sifaka World here: www.sifakaworld.com

Do it for the animals! ;)

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