January 26, 2012

Wonkidos: Animated Social Skills for Kids

2A! is proud to invite you into the wondrous world of the Wonkidos!

Evan is a young boy who loves playing with his favorite toys, the Wonkidos! Wobbles, Stacks, Apps and Sparkles spring to life in Evan’s imagination, and together with Mr. Know-It-All App, help Evan learn valuable social skills in a fun and entertaining way!

Tricia Estrada, founder and president of Brighter Futures for Beautiful Minds (BFBM), thought up the idea of an animated series that would help her son, who was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, learn the social and life skills he would need to succeed. She realized the importance of using visual tools like illustrated stories and organizers to help children understand different concepts and motivate their behavior. She also realized that through the use of mobile technology, she could allow anyone to access these tools at anytime, anywhere. Where parents might have difficulty getting through to their children, the animated characters could easily grab their attention and help turn an otherwise frustrating moment into a teachable one.

Read more of Tricia’s story.

2A! is extremely proud to have helped design and develop this series for BFBM. Together, we produced 6 short-form episodes which are available at www.wonkidovideos.com.

Every episode was carefully written by 2A! and BFBM, and has been reviewed with input coming from developmentalists, researchers, doctors, and most importantly, parents. You can download and watch each video when you sign up at www.wonkidovideos.com.

We hope you enjoy this first video and welcome you to check out the rest!

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