June 14, 2010

MMMs: "U" is for Unicorns

Even though I really wanted to sketch the planet-consuming Unicron -- from 1986's Transformers The Movie animated feature -- we decided to take a break from drawing killer predators this week. With multiple votes over on our facebook page, we decided to go with a more peaceful, mythological animal... the Unicorn!

Next week's theme is anything that starts with the letter "V," so anyone interested in making a suggestion can drop us a line here or on our Facebook page. Become a fan, suggest a theme, and if we dig it we’ll draw it.

For those that don’t know… MMMs is our weekly exercise where we pick a theme and spend the first hour of each week sketching. The sketches can be loose or tight, but the point is to work out the weekend stiffness and draw something new.

Now without further ado, we present... "U" is for Unicorns!

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