February 26, 2010

Fun Art Fridays: Warrior Bear!

I’m all about pushing myself… whether it’s implementing our Monday Morning Motivators or working on my digital painting, I think it’s important for every artist to keep practicing and learning. So with that spirit in mind, I joined a cool new group over on Deviant Art called Design-A-Character. Every week brings a new character design challenge for members to participate in. From designing characters out of simple shapes, to re-imagining existing characters in totally new styles, the exercises are great practice and really fun to do!

Here I present you with my "Warrior Bear!" He’s one of my recent designs for the group. Notice the progression backwards from character rotation, to color mock-up, to the initial sketch created out of a simple shape. It’s really cool how just a random shape can evolve into a full-blown character.

So if you’re interested in pushing yourself to design some cool new characters, you should definitely go check out the group. It's a blast! ;)

Copyright © Joe Costantini

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