August 07, 2009

Fun Art Fridays: The Thundercats' Lion-O

Welcome Lion-O, the sword-wielding-fearless-leader of the Thundercats!

I absolutely loved the Thundercats growing up! I still remember when I first saw it on TV… I was immediately hooked. I had to watch every episode and have every toy. My love of this show persists to this day. Every time I watch an episode, read a comic book or just see another artist’s rendition of the characters (loved Ed McGuinness’s comic book versions) I get excited. I’m always scouring sites like eBay in an attempt to recreate my lost childhood toy collection. Plus, it had one of the coolest animated openings for a cartoon ever! Great stuff!

Anyway, Lion-O is part of a larger Thundercats team drawing I'm doing for fun. Figured I’d post each character as I finish, then the whole image once it's done. Below you can get a peek at the rough sketch layout for the full image.


Illustration © Joe Costantini

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