August 19, 2009

Background Design: Sifaka World Inca Ruins

When 2A! started designing the second Sifaka World area, South America, we had lots of fun ideas to play with. One that the client loved was the ancient Inca ruins.

The layout had to be designed so the player could easily interact with the ruins, but have it not be too intimidating or dangerous looking. I wanted the structure to be mysterious and inviting, so I decided that a large staircase in the center would interest players to come and explore. Also, I drew heavily on references of real Inca ruins to make sure I pulled the correct inspiration for this background.

Color work for this was a challenge, as ruins and rainforests can easily get too dark and scary with all their lush, dark colors. I tried keeping the old and flourishing feelings of the structure and plants by adding blue tones to the overall piece, as you can see in the color mock-up below.

Here is the final Flash build where all the elements come into play. I think we struck a nice balance of color and form, with the ruins keeping their mystery while feeling like a fun place to play.

Do visit and let us know if you find any treasures inside!

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