July 08, 2009

Costume Designs: The Kremlin Cats

I love doing costume design, so Joe naturally turned to me to help out when 2A! was asked to develop the look of The Kremlin Cats’ costumes. Before diving into concepts though, I had a few interesting dilemmas to overcome.

First, the script called for costumes that looked both futuristic, yet historic at the same time. Second, the descriptions included a mix of styles that seemed to pull from many different cultures. Third, was the functionality of the clothing, as each outfit was supposed to be full of hidden buttons, traps, and gadgets for the cats to use during their adventures. Finally, we wanted to make sure the costumes exuded a cohesive “team” feel that was easily recognizable.

I started by pulling references and inspiration from Russia, Cavalier-era France and Art Deco flight suits. I wanted to capture a sense of romance with the costumes, while making them feel heroic and a bit “steampunk” at the same time. Below are just a few of the concepts I mocked up.

In the end, elements of each of these designs made it to the streamlined finals, but I feel each one stands pretty solidly on its own. Plus, I was really able to play with the costume design for The Kremlin Cats, so it was a total blast for me to work on!

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