August 12, 2009

Character Desgins: Do-Re-Me & You!

Way back in 2006 (although it seems like only yesterday) 2A! had the pleasure of working on an animated DVD for Do-Re-Me & You! The DVD featured Rupert the Wrong-Word Pirate, along with a cast of other characters, as they showcased the large variety of children’s products Do-Re-Me & You! had to offer. So of course, before we started any animation we had to design some characters.

For the human families, the client wanted a style reminiscent of Clifford the Big Red Dog. Below are my sketches...

The client had a few changes from the initial sketches, but overall the characters remained the same through the design process. The coloring remained simple like the line art, with no shadows or highlights on the characters. I was very pleased with the results, but I admit, it was hard to override my instinct to add shadow to everything!

I’ll probably share some of the backgrounds and animation in future posts, so be sure to check back.

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