February 05, 2019

Bleacher Report - Gridiron Heights Season 3 Wraps!

2A! wraps our work on season 3 of Gridiron Heights

There were some great episodes in the third season of Gridiron Heights, but our absolute favorite has to be the "Infinity War" parody. In it, Tom Brady is Thanos, and he's ravaging the Gridiron Heights universe in search of his sixth and final Infinity Stone (Super Bowl ring)! Will Captain Geoff and his LA Rams -- assisted by Iron Brees, Spider-Mahomes, and many other NFL stars turned superheroes --  be able to stop Thanos Brady, or will all of Gridiron Heights fall at the feet of his New England Patriots?

Gridiron Heights is a weekly animated series that pokes fun at current events in the game of football. The show, presented by PS4, airs on Bleacher Report throughout football season, with new episodes dropping Tuesday nights at 8pm EST.

2A! had another great season working with our friends at FlickerLab! You can check out all three seasons of Gridiron Heights at Bleacher Report and on YouTube!

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October 02, 2018

Cerenia: The Misadventures of Ralph!

2A! prescribes two doses of The Misadventures of Ralph to settle your dog's stomach!

The Misadventures of Ralph is a series of animated spots for CERENIA. It stars a purple dog named Ralph who, along with his owner and friends, searches for a way to help manage his motion sickness. We animated two spots titled, "The Poker Game" and "Not So Fun House," with more to come in the future.

CERENIA from Zoetis™ is the only veterinary medication approved by the FDA to prevent vomiting in dogs due to motion sickness.

2A! designed and animated both spots which were produced by Wunderman. Use the dropdown menu in the embedded video above to watch them!

Copyright © Cerenia

September 17, 2018

Explainer Video: MFX's Captain Conformance!

2A! rescues data management with the superhero, Captain Conformance!

Having trouble explaining complex information to your audience? Check out this explainer video we created for MFX ServicesIt stars Captain Conformance, who shows you how to simplify the process of onboarding external party data using MFX's "External Party Integration Services (EPI).

2A! designed and animated this video, which was produced by Shamrock Communications.

Copyright © MFX

September 05, 2018

Bleacher Report - Gridiron Heights Season 3!

2A! gets back in the game with team FlickerLab for season 3 of Gridiron Heights!

Gridiron Heights is a weekly animated series that that pokes fun at current events in the game of football. The show, presented by PS4, airs on Bleacher Report through football season, with new episodes dropping Tuesday nights at 8pm EST.

2A! is creating digital animatics and working on character animation for season 3. We also animated on seasons 1 and 2 of the series in past years.

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June 11, 2018

Alter Nation - Toy Promo

2A! helps bring the Alter Nation action figures to life!

Alter Nation is a new line of action figures created by Panda Mony Toy Brands, which are debuting at the ASTRA 2018 Marketplace & Academy in New Orleans this year.

This promotional animation was created to help reveal the toy line at the convention. A version of the video with the characters silhouetted was launched last week as a tease, with the full characters being revealed today!

2A! animated this short using the existing toy designs as reference.

Copyright © Panda Mony Toy Brands