July 27, 2017

Junior the Fishy Frog!

2A! helps introduce Junior the Fishy Frog!

Junior the Fishy Frog is the star of his own e-book called, What Kind of Fish is a Frog? Written and self-published by Sharon Thompson Pritchard, Junior helps teach kids to embrace their diversity and accept children of all different backgrounds. 

2A! designed and animated this spot to help promote the e-book, which can be found at Xlibris.com.

Copyright © 2017 Sharon Thompson Pritchard

July 03, 2017

Magic Creeper - Commercial Spot

2A! rolls out a commercial spot for Magic Creeper!

The Magic Creeper is a product that helps mechanics and novices alike work safely under their cars by providing an easy way to roll forward and back.

The style for this spot is based on the illustrations of Doug MacDonald (Doug Mac), which we had a blast animating!

Copyright © 2017 Cloud Cap Innovations LLC

January 22, 2017

R Rated Frozen (Parody)

2A! gets Frozen with a brand new parody for the Fine Brothers!

We've teamed up with the Fine Brothers again to animate R Rated Frozen, the latest episode of their Reverse Ratings parody series on YouTube. This short spoofs the hit Disney movie, examining what might have happened if the original idea of Elsa being the villain had been made.

2A! had a blast animating this 5-minute short for the Fine Brothers!

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Copyright © The Fine Bros.

December 20, 2016

Funny or Die: The Cure For Being A Woman

2A! helps diagnose "Womanhood" for Funny Or Die.

Are you suffering from chronic Womanhood? Is the body shaming and overwhelming sense of danger just too much? The cure is simple, cost effective, and will make you feel like a new man! We were happy to contribute to this funny pharmaceutical spoof!

2A! designed and animated the short explainer segment, which starts at 1:26.

Copyright © Funny Or Die

September 14, 2016

Emo Dad: Season 2, Episode 5

2A! reveals a conspiracy in Season 2, Episode 5 of Emo Dad!

In this fifth episode, Chris finds out that David and his ex-friends have teamed up to manipulate him into tuning emo again. Meanwhile, The Bleeding Toes get a new gig opening for the most emo band ever!

You can binge-watch all 6 episodes of Season 2 at Fullscreen.com, or watch them one episode at a time (bi-weekly schedule) on the Fine Bros. YouTube channel.

2A! designed and animated the series, which was created by the Fine Brothers.

Also, catch up on Season 1 here.

Copyright © Fine Brothers Entertainment and Fullscreen