March 13, 2013

100 Spidey Sketches!

100 Spidey Poses on one page! Needless to say, this image is gonna' scroll.

A brief history... Spider-Man is my favorite comic book character. So I find myself sketching him a lot. Either in the morning to loosen up or later in the day if I've hit a creative bump in the road. I take a quick break and sketch a Spidey. Why? Because it makes me happy and lets my mind rest for a moment. Anyway, once I hit the 100 mark I thought it would be cool to share them all on a single sheet. So here it is!

Click on the image below for a higher-res version. You can also check out all of the individual sketches on DeviantArt.

Spider-Man is Copyright © Marvel
Original Sketches are Copyright © Joe Costantini

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