May 26, 2010

Background Design: Tuffy's Exterior

Here's another fun background design 2A! created for Sifaka World!

This background is the exterior shot of “Tuffy's Tavern,” a restaurant located in the North American region of Sifaka World. The tavern is a place where you and your avatar can kick back, listen to some tunes on the piano, and enjoy a frosty mug of root beer served by none other than Tuffy himself.

We wanted the town to have the adventurous feel of the “wild west” without looking too dangerous or run down. So I checked out reference for some old ghost towns like Bodie and others. I think the outside of Tuffy's turned out looking pretty cool, plus I still have the inside to show you. Also, if you look to the right you'll see a path to another Sifaka World background we created!

If you're thirsty, why not head over to a pay Tuffy a visit? I hear his root beer is fabulous!

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