February 10, 2010

Background Design: Beauty Studio Intro

Continuing with the MyScene posts I've been writing, I have a fun new background 2A! created for the Beauty Studio game. This game is similar to the Shopping Spree game we mentioned before, except here we get to play with hair and makeup for the MyScene girls.

First, I created a few different background sketches to present to the client. They chose to go with the second version below.

Next, a more detailed color mock-up was made. We tried to go for a very hip, Soho-styled salon feel.

From there the final Flash version was built and the MyScene girls were added to complete the look of this game intro screen.

I'm really happy with how this background turned out, as it was a more ornate style that really allowed me to play with details. Check it out over at MyScene.com along with the rest of the Beauty Studio game. It's a fun time!

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