June 30, 2009

Character Designs: Mr. Cha-Ching!

Here’s a fun little guy we designed waaaaaay back in 2005. I know, I know, that’s almost 5 years ago… but we just started this blog in April and I still dig the little bugger. :P

Anyway, the client had the idea to turn an average cash register into a fun SpongeBob-type character that he could use as a mascot for his mortgage company. So he turned to 2A! to help him flesh out his concept and create the final character design. Thus “Mr. Cha-Ching” was born!

Above are the final model sheets in color, including both a rotation sheet and a special poses sheet. Below are my rough sketches. As you can see, the first sketch where I nailed his overall look happened on a piece of notebook paper (top right corner). I love it when that happens!

Last but not least... If you click on the image below you can also check out a .swf of some of the animated rollovers we created for the client’s site. Enjoy!

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