June 04, 2009

Flash Atomic Bomb Explosion

2A! needed to create an explosion for a project recently, but didn’t have the time or budget to draw it by hand. So I turned to Flash’s shape tween technology, which I hadn’t used since my days working on The Ruth Truth webisodes at Oxygen Media. I think we were using Flash 3 back then just to give you an idea how long ago it was. Anyway, if you click on the image below you’ll see a pretty cool .swf of what we were able to achieve using shape tweens.

Below is a peek at the Flash timeline for this effect. When using shape tweens it’s important to keep each shape on a separate layer, otherwise the animation won’t work correctly. When all was said and done it took about 90 layers to create this effect.

I know what you're saying... "All that work for a split second explosion?!" Animation in general is a pretty time consuming endeavor, but also really rewarding when something turns out looking the way you wanted.

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