June 09, 2009

Character Designs: Superhero Oncologist

Here are some pretty cool character designs we did for a client back in 2007. The idea was a Superhero Oncologist that battled evil Cancer Monsters.

Above you’ll see the concept art and final design for the Oncologist character. First is Sarah’s initial sketch (on the left) and then my sketch and final clean-up (on the right). This is another great example of how we work as a team, building off of one another’s artwork.

Above is our first crack at the Cancer Monsters. Initially we were going for a more human looking design -- which progressively got meaner -- however the client wanted to go with something a bit more abstract. Which brings us to the image below…

Sarah really took this dude into a cool direction. While I like the client’s final choice (on the right) something about the top middle guy, bent over with one arm stuck to the ground, really appeals to me. Probably because I watch too many zombie flicks. :P

Check out our Funk Reel to see a clip of the Superhero Oncologist in action!

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