March 12, 2010

Fun Art Fridays: Goku Re-Imagined

Here's another fun exercised I did for the Design-A-Character group over on Deviant Art. The idea was to re-imagine a provided character – in this case "Goku" from Dragonball Z – in a style different than the original. So, with that in mind I tried my hand at two different Gokus.

The first is what I consider to be my “comic book” style, where Goku is proportioned more like a normal human in a dramatic, superhero-type pose. The second is my “cartoon” style, where I had more fun with his proportions and used a more playful theme… spoofing the idea of having to collect balls, magical or otherwise. :P

I've also included my initial sketches at the very bottom, cause I like seeing rough stuff. ;)

Copyright © Joe Costantini

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