July 29, 2009

Character Designs: Even More Kremlin Cats

Seeing Joe’s More Kremlin Cats post last week reminded me that I had a few character design sketches of my own to show. I drew these along with the costume concepts I posted about earlier. Both were so much fun to work on, especially at the same time as it got so many cool ideas flowing in my head.

At first I played around with styles that I felt would fit the characters. I was immediately drawn to the idea of Puss 'n Boots, who is a heroic and cavalier type that I saw many parallels to with The Kremlin Cats. I felt that the silhouette of the characters would play a big role in telling all the cats apart, so naturally I tried to find as many different body shapes and sizes.

I had the most fun playing with Chelsie, the only female cat. I wanted to keep her feminine curves while making her seem like a cool tom boy.

You can also check out the final designs here!

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