May 05, 2010

Character Design: Auxilium Bad Guy #2

In the last of the three Auxilium spots that 2A created, the client wanted to go with a surfing theme, and wanted a second villain. I was excited to hear this, as it meant I could take this fun style and create a new nasty bad guy for it. Can't you just see me snickering as I twist my evil mustache?

Since both the original villain and the Auxilium hero were starring in this spot as well, I wanted to use a different body type for the new baddie. I went with a very round and robust form, with a bushy mustache and an awkward wisp of hair that looks suspiciously like a toupee. Add a gaudy striped swimsuit and voila! A new villain is ready to thwart a do-gooder.

I was really pleased with how this fellow turned out, as I feel he has that classic "old-timey" feel to him. Thankfully he looks way more dangerous than he really is, and his surfing leaves a lot to be desired!

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