April 23, 2010

Fun Art Fridays: Rococo Style

Here's another fun exercised I did for the Design-A-Character group over on Deviant Art. The idea of this challenge was to design a character based off of a specific theme – in this case the Rococo era style of clothing. So with that, I tried my hand at a few different characters.

The first image here is my personal favorite… and actually the last one I drew. It pokes fun at the difficulty ladies had getting into those crazy outfits. Sheesh… and I thought wearing a suit and tie made me uncomfortable. ;)

Next up are two different gentlemen. I was pretty happy with the first dude, but after talking to Sarah -- who’s totally into costume design -- she suggested I turn up the “bling” on the outfits. So I did some more research and got inspired to draw the second guy… and then of course the girls.

Anyway, hope you like them. Until next time… Keep drawing!

Copyright © Joe Costantini

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