July 12, 2010

MMMs: "X" is for Xenopus

Xenopus may not be a highly-skilled warrior princess, but it is a highly-aquatic frog native to Sub-Saharan Africa. This week’s Monday Morning Motivator's theme was once again suggested by Michelle Costantini over on our Facebook page! Thanks again Michelle!

Next week's theme is anything that starts with the letter "Y," so anyone interested in making a suggestion can drop us a line here or on our Facebook page. Become a fan, suggest a theme, and if we dig it we’ll draw it.

For those that don’t know… MMMs is our weekly exercise where we pick a theme and spend the first hour of each week sketching. The sketches can be loose or tight, but the point is to work out the weekend stiffness and draw something new.

Now without further ado, we present... "X" is for Xenopus! Ribbit!

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fmgist said...

I am a Xenopus laevis Ph.D. student. I use these frogs to study early embryonic development. LOVE LOVE LOVE the drawings! I'm giving a seminar to my department in April and I would love to use your pictures to introduce the fact that Xenopus laevis has 4 sets of chromosomes, humans have two sets, (I won't bore you with more details, ha ha.) May I use your pictures in my seminars? I will reference you and your site on the power point slide.

JoE C said...

Thanks for the compliments and glad you like the drawings! Yes, as long as you're not making money off the images, feel free to use them in your seminars. Best of luck!

fmgist said...

Thanks Joe! Everyone is going to love these pictures! We never charge for seminars, our research funding comes from the NSF and NIH. If you are interested, send me an email and I'll send you the slide where I use your pictures. Here is the link to our lab: http://www.thomsenlab.org/people.php
Here is the link to me: http://www.thomsenlab.org/francesca.php Thanks again!