December 04, 2009

Fun Art Fridays: Sarah's Christmas Wallpaper

Can you believe it’s December already? With winter and the holiday season fast approaching, that also means it's time for another seasonal wallpaper featuring my chibi characters!

The inspiration for this winter's wallpaper was how pretty Christmas lights are, and how much fun it is to just bask in their glowing colors. I wanted a composition that really featured the Christmas tree and the lights, while also keeping my characters as a focal point. After a few sketches, I decided I liked the one above the best.

I had a really fun time playing around with the colors for the final piece. While the lights and tree were easy to do, getting the right hues for the snow and shadows were a bit of a challenge. I soon discovered the trick was adding a warm, pink transparency layer that gives the lights a nice glow.

I'm really happy with how this wallpaper turned out. I think it conveys the peaceful and festive feeling I was shooting for. :)

Copyright © Sarah Gencarelli

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