December 09, 2009

Character Designs: Owls

2A! recently worked on a fun project that had me designing an owl character. I love it when I get to flex my character design muscles and was especially excited to work on these designs, because I love owls! I find them to be very majestic, powerful and attractive creatures. There are so many different species out there, so it was fun to research what they all looked like.

As you can see from the number of sketches I came up with, I was pretty inspired by the material. I really felt like I could have easily pumped out more drawings. Personally, I find the best designs are the ones based on great horned owls, as I like how the little "ears" add an extra level of personality.

Once the client chose the design they liked best, it was time to ink and paint the final drawing. I used a clean, bold outline for the owl while keeping the colors simple, yet authentic.

What can I say? I love how it turned out! I am really happy with the work I did on this project, and I really enjoyed having the opportunity to explore one of my favorite animals.

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