April 24, 2009

Yes Music Video: The Gates of Delirium!

2A! storms "The Gates of Delirium” for the rock group Yes!

That’s right… we rocked the battlefield with our animated music video for Yes’ hit song, “The Gates of Delirium.” The 3-minute Flash animation was used as a segment of the full video -- which is over 20 minutes long and includes footage of the band playing live -- and was included in the 2004 release of Yes’ Symphonic Live DVD.

2A! had a blast developing the concept from designs to storyboards and through to the final animation. Not only was this our first music video animation, but it was also our first team-up with Camp Chaos, who subsequently asked us to work on numerous other projects with them including their hit television series VH1's ILL-ustrated and Meat Loaf's "The Monster Is Loose" concert video!

You can check out our Rock Reel to see select clips from the video!

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