April 28, 2009

Virtual World Design: Mattel's Pixel Chix!

2A! gets pixilated with Mattel's Pixel Chix “Groovin Roomies” virtual world!

Buy clothes, play games, and chat with friends in this sweet MMO featuring Mattel’s global toy brand for tween girls. Users can choose from one of six popularly pixilated characters (Smarty, Sporty, DJ Hip Hop, Punk Rocker, Diva Queen or Pixel Chix) to play as they explore this hip, isometric world.

2A! created all the front-end visuals and animation for the “Groovin Roomies” virtual world, including the activities and the “Dance Dance Revolution” game.

"I just wanted to drop a note and let you know that we LOVE the work you’ve produced for the Pixel Chix DDR game! The animations are fantastic and you did an amazing job nailing the look & feel. We typically have a lot of back and forth with our vendors just assessing the style of the artwork, let alone the content, and you have no idea how refreshing it is to have a vendor that we can hand over a project of this scale to and see everything on brand, and brought to life!!

Thanks for doing such an amazing job!"

Jennifer Megara
Supervisor, Creative Development
Mattel Brands Online
Get pixilated here: http://pixelchix.everythinggirl.com/us/home/

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